Project Description

Chateau Lane Publishing is a small BC publishing company formed in 2004 by author Douglas P. Welbanks that began with a personal finance focus and the publication of Finances After Separation in 2006.

Alex Ng a lawyer and Trustee in Bankruptcy described the book as, “… an excellent and informative resource, both for families in the process of separation, and for the professionals who deal with them.”

John Campbell a leading matrimonial lawyer in British Columbia reviewed the publication as, “I have had the opportunity to review Mr. Welbanks book. I have had a general litigation practice in the Lower Mainland since 1977. I have dealt with family claims, insolvency, business disputes, estate disputes, and virtually all financial aspects of the typical family. The information contained in this volume is sorely needed, and I believe it should be recommended reading for high school students, those contemplating marriage, and those contemplating separation. It could properly be titled “economics of daily living 101″.